Planned thematic issues

In order to cover widely the most actual problems of the textile industry development, the editorial office of the Journal “Izvestiya Vuzov. Textile Industry Technology” plans annual publishing of thematic issues. The clustering of articles on key topics is convenient and interesting, first of all, for specialists in a particular field of knowledge who, as authors, are able to describe in many ways a particular topical problem that occupies minds of scientific elites. For the reader, therefore, a thematic issue can be a source of a holistic perception of a scientific issue.

The Editors do their best to increase the number of thematic issues of the Journal and to ensure that the content of such issues will be interesting to as many readers as possible.

We invite the authors to submit articles in the planned thematic issues of the Journal for publication in 2021.

Thematic issue «Industry 4.0» submission of articles until September 10, 2021

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) assumes a new approach to production based on mass introduction of information technologies into industry, large-scale automation of business processes and spread of artificial intelligence. The thematic issue of the journal focuses on various aspects of the introduction of new technologies and business models in various areas and aspects of textile and light industry.

Thematic issue «Fibrous Composites» submission of articles until September 10, 2021

Compositional or composite materials are materials of the future. The Journal’s thematic issue involves consideration of various aspects of production, use and disposal of compositional materials containing fibrous composites.