№ 4 (394) 2021 год

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Economics and Production Planning

Lysova E.G. Modern State and Usage of Innovative Financial Products in the Textile Industry of the
Ivanovo Region

Kaydashova A.K., Sizganova E.Yu., Ashin A.A. The State of Light Industry in the Vladimir Region in
the Context of Economic Crises of the 21st Century

Sheresheva M.Yu., Deng Jun Zhi, Savelev I.I., Pochekaeva O.V., Nikiforova S.V. Marketing Aspects of
Textile Industry Enterprises Development in China

Ryzhov I.V., Sokolov A.P., Savelev I.I. Optimization of the Investment Process by Performance
Indicators in the Textile Industry

Kislyakov A.N. Problems of Predictive Model Constructing of Indicators of Foreign Economic Activity
of Textile Industry Enterprises

Yessirkepova A.M., Issambayevа A.Zh., Sabenova B.N., Rysbayeva S.Zh., Kudaybergenova Z.U. Influence of National Traditions on Light Industry Development

Zernova L.E., Ilina S.I., Ivaschenko N.S., Politova R.V., Ordinetc A.A. Determining the Costs for the Production of Cotton Yarn Using the Parametric Planning Method

Polzunova N.N., Kostygova L.A. Quality of Economic Growth of Textile and Clothing Industry Enterprises

Levizov A.S. Peculiarities of Textile Enterprises Staff Policy


Orlov A.V., Pashin E.L. Modeling of Single-Axis Rupture Process Fiber Totals with Regard to their Properties on a Copper-Type Machine

Lutfullina G.G., Mirolubov Yu.B., Fatkhutdinova A.A. Research of Electrostatic Field Strength of Fabric with the Attachment of Synthetic Fibers

Besshaposhnikova V.I., Zagoruiko M.V., Lebedeva T.S., Merzlikina T.V. The Influence of Temperature on the Aging Process of Fabric from Arcelon

Spiridonova V.G., Tsirkina O.G. Evaluating Method Analysis of Fire-Resistant Properties of Textile Materials

Mezentseva E.V., Mishakov V.Yu. Selection of Parameters for Effective Technical Control Using the Cor- relation Matrix Determining Indicators of Quality of Thermal Insulation Nonwoven Materials

Preliminary Treatment. Spinning

Agzamov M.M. The Influence of the Rotation Speed of the Raw Roller on Fiber Quality and Other Indicators of the Generation Process

Smirnov V.N. Market Research of Commodity Crops for the Textile Industry of Russia

Тechnology of Textile Products

Myannik N.A., Pivkina S.I. Design Algorithm of Upper Knitted Element Based on Modern Advantages of Computer Engineering

Ermolaeva E.M., Vigelina O.A., Truevtsev A.V. Current Methods of Artistic and Technological Design of Knitwear in Ethnic Style

Karatayev M.S., Tashpulatov S.Sh., Rakhmatullaeva U.S., Yakhyaeva D.Kh., Abdurakhmanova N.D., Shumkarova Sh.P., Abdurayev Zh. Analysis of the Influence of the Basis Weave Structure on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Plush Knitwear

Grechukhin A.P., Habibulloev A., Rudovsky P.N., Rudkovskiy M.D. The Method of Calculating the Surface Density of Three-Dimensional Orthogonal Fabrics with Crosslink by a Single System of Threads in the Formation Zone

Ryklin D,B., Demidova M.A., Azarchenko V.M., Skrotskaya K.V. The Law Substantiation of Nanofibers Distribution by Diameter in Materials Obtained by Method Electroformations

Chemistry and Technology of Finishing and Modification

Ikhtiyarova G.A., Mengliev А.S., Xazratova D.A., Ayupova M.B. Application of Uzkhitane-Based Com-
plex Thickeners for Cotton-Silk Fabric Packing

Erzunov K.A., Rumyantsev E.V., Aleksakhina E.L., Petrova L.S., Rumyantseva V.E., Odintsova O.I. The
Development of a Functional Coating for Determination of Oxiprolin in Biological Material


Zhukova I.V., Kuzmichev V.E. Development of Deformable Digital Twins of Typical Russian Women Bodies for Compression Clothes Virtual Try-on

Romanovsky R.S., Petrosova I.A., Andreeva E.G., Shipilova E.A. Development of New Models Men’s Clothing Taking into Account the Recommendations of Artificial Intelligence

Textile Machines and Aggregates

Khurramov Sh.R. Analytical Description of the Contact Curve Shape of the Rolls in The Two-Roller Module

Khurramov Sh.R., Khalturaev F.S., Kurbanova F.Z. Theoretical Analysis of the Condition of Capture in an Asymmetric Two-Roll Module

Automation and Information Technologies

Borzunov G.I., Firsov A.V., Novikov A.N., Ivanov V.V. Categorization of Images Based on Color Contrasts

Ecological and Industrial Safety. Heat Engineering

Stenin V.A. Electro Kinetic Control Method for Drying Textile Material

Buymova S.A., Bubnov F.G., Moiseev Yu.N Methods for Reducing the Content of Pollutants in Waste Water of Textile Enterprises with Indication of Exposure Level by the State of Spring Water

Linkov V.I. Bearing Capacity and Deformability of ISR-Connections of Wooden Elements at Different Positions of the Screwed-in Rod

Mechanics of Threads and Fabrics

Pereborova N.V., Makarov A.G., Egorova M.A., Makarova A.A. Development of Methods for Spectral Modeling of Polymeric Textile Material Deformation-Relaxation Processes

Fiber-based Composites

Balashov A.B. Methodology for Calculating the Properties of Composite Materials Based on 3D-Woven Textures Using the Voxel Approach

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Kozhina K.S., Kudryavtseva T.Yu. Optimization of Textile Enterprise’s Production Using RFID-Technology

Experience Exchange, Criticism and Bibliography. Short Items

Hadjibekov I.A. National Identity of the Dagesti Folk Costume (Based on the Women Suit Complex of the Lesgin Group of Peoples)

Nikonorova S.A., Chechina O.S., Vasilchikov A.V“Legprom Week” as a Tool for Implementing Strategic Development of Light Industry