№ 5 (395) 2021 год

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Economics and Production Planning

Filatov V.V., Mishakov V.Yu., Gerasimenko I.I., Sklyarenko R.P., Krygina I.E., Lukashevich A.I. Analysis of the Strategic Directions of the Russian Federation Light Industry Development up to 2025 Using the 4P “Results Orientation” Approach

Khammatova Е.А., Gainutdinov R.F. Market Analysis of Membrane Materials Made of Hydrophobic Polymer Fibers for Outerwear

Kapustkin A.S. Economic and Legal Aspects of the Russian Federation State Awards Fabric Elements (Ribbons and Rosettes) Manufacture

Oborin M.S. Modeling of Business Processes in the Rural Areas Textile Industry Enterprises


Gribova E.V., Shustov Uy.S., Ivanov V.V. Use of Thermal Imager for Control Thermal Insulation Properties of Nonwovens

Kurdenkova A.V., Bulanov Ya.I., Bondarchuk M.M., Gryaznova E.V Comprehensive Assessment of the Quality of Knitted Fabrics for Children’s Underwear after Washings

BGribova E.V., Novikov A.N., Firsov A.V., Ivanov V.V Development of a Laboratory Complex for Operational Control of Thermal Insulation Properties of Textile Materials

Osipova L.I., Anufrieva M.F., Kurdenkova A.V., Vinokurova T.I., Bulanov Yа.I., Lyukshinova I.V., Markova K.A. Research of Strength of Different Knot Kinds of Surgical Suture Material

Belitskaya O.A., Fokina A.A., Rykova E.S., Maksimova I.A., Konareva Yu.S.. Influence of Climate Parameters on Triboelectric Properties of Special Footwear Materials

Ryzhkova E.A., Isaeva E.A. Improvement of Quality Control Methods of Finished Fabric in Finishing Production

Sharpar N.M., Zhmakin L.I., Markova K.A., Osipova L.I. Methods of Stationary and Non-Stationary Research of A Water Apparatus of A Solar Collector With A Textile Heliopanel of A Tubular Type

Shustov Yu.S., Plekhanova S.V., Shitova T.I., Lyukshinovа I.V Comparison of the Method of Flame Distribution Evaluation on the Properties of Special Clothing

Bulanov Ya.I., Kurdenkova A.V., Bondarchuk M.M., Gryaznova E.V. Evaluation of the Quality Level of Furniture Fabrics After Wear From Abrasion

Plekhanova S.V., Stroganova Yu.A., Vinogradova N.А. Investigation of the Properties of Medical Elastic Compression Products

Smirnova N.A., Lapshin V.V., Zamyshlaeva V.V., Gruzintseva N.A. Drapery Research and Forecasting of Costume and Dress Pure Linen Fabrics

Khammatova Е.А., Abutalipova L.N. Preservation of the Quality of Nanostructured Textile Materials after the Operating Wear of Special Clothes

Preliminary Treatment. Spinning

Plekhanov A.F., Tojimirzaev S.T., Lastochkin P.D., Ibragimov Kh.I. Research of the Drawing Frame Technological Parameter Influence on the Quality Indicators of Spinning Products

Тechnology of Textile Products

Lisanevich M.S., Galimzyanova R.Yu., Hakimullin Yu.N., Fedorova T.A., Mezentseva E.V., Ivanov V.V.Studies on the Effects of Radiation Sterilization on Non-Woven Fabric Hollofiber®

Karatayev M.S., Tashpulatov S.Sh., Nurmamatova O.I., Mamedova Kh.F., Akhmedov R.T., Ruziboyev N.N. Development of Technology of Elastic Doublefaced Flucy Knitwear Obtaining

Zavaruev N.V., Tubolushkina A.G., Kolesnikova E.NMethodology for Calculating the Consumption of Raw Materials for Complex Structures and Refueling of Warp-Knitted Fabrics

Shchugareva S.S., Yukhin S.S., Fomina O.P. The Technology of Knitting Knitwear Based on the Structures of “Split-Loops”

Romanov V.Yu., Boyko S.Yu. Development of Optimal Technological Parameters of Producing Terry Fabrics with a Maximum Resistance of the Warp Threads to Repeated Stress

Chemistry and Technology of Finishing and Modification

Bondarchuk M.M., Aniskova V.A., Fedorova N.E. Nonwoven Fabrics with Hydrophobic Properties Production

Seredina M.A. Reducing the Fire Hazard of Polumeric Materials of Various Chemical Nature

Khazanov G.I., Aparushkina M.A. Study of Kinetics of Tin Washing out from Clothes and Model Films.

Fidorovskaya Yu.S., Medusheva E.O., Korovina M.A., Krichevsky G.E., Oltarzhevskaya N.D. Features of the Technology for Obtaining Wound Coverings with Proteolytic and Antimicrobial Action

Gudok A.A., Nikulnikov F.M., Kobrakov K.I., Ruchkina A.G. Selection of Antioxidants to Increase the Stability of Natural Dyes Against Uv-Radiation and High Temperature

Seleznev V.S., Kuznecov D.N., Bychkova I.N., Kobrakov K.I., Isaeva T.A. Development of Synthesis Schemes on the Basis of 2,4,6-Trihydroxytoluene and Study of the Properties of Compounds with Effective,
Chemosorption Properties and Perspective for Solution of Technological and Environmental Tasks.

Kaldybayev R.T., Nabiyev D.S., Kaldybayeva G.Yu., Zhunisbekova D.A., Baidibekova A.O., Makhmudova M.A. Composite Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer for Cotton Cellulose Bleaching.

Khussanov A.Ye., Atamanyuk V.M., Kobeyeva Z.C., Kaldybayeva B.M., Janabayev D.Zh. Heat and Mass Transfer Patterns of Filtration Drying of Fibrous Material


Kayumova R.F., Grigorieva Z.R., Budeeva O.N. Clothes Design for Children with Congenital and Acquired Posture Disorders

Tambovtseva E.P., Zaretskaya G.P. Variable Elements of a Material Package Design for the Creation of Universal Personal Protective Equipment

Textile Machines and Aggregates

Ismailov A.A., Narmatov E.A., Butovsky P.M. Modernization of the Saw Gin Grate Module

Pashin E.L.,Orlov A.V. Modernization Directions of Tensile Strength Testing Machine RMP-1, for Standartized Flax Fiber Testingan Asymmetric Two-Roll Module

Murodov O.J., Rajabov O.I. Results of an Experimental Study of the Load and the Character of a MultiFace Net Vibrations on Elastic Cotton Cleaner Supports.

Abzalova D.A., Abshenov Kh., Myrzaliyev D.S., Moldagaliev A.B., Seidullayeva O.B., Seilkhanov T. Methods of Various Textile Machinery and Equipment Protection Against Corrosion During Operation and

Automation and Information Technologies

Demidov A.V., Makarov A.G., Pereborova N.V., Litvinov A.M. Correction of Mathematical Model Parameters of Polymeric Textile Material Deformation Processes with the Purpose of Increasing the Prediction

Belousov A.S., Ovsyannikov D.A., Abramin V.Yu. Modeling and Analysis of Spatial Two-Phase Streams with a Swinged Flow

Koroleva N.A., Polyakova T.I., Gryaznova E.V., Golajdo S.A. Multi-Criteria Optimization of the Parameters of Nonwoven Geotextiles for Strengthening the Slopes of the Subgrade

Kombarov Yu.S., Ryzhkova E.A. To the Subject of the Automatic Control System Creation of the Periodic Action Impregnation Process

Ecological and Industrial Safety. Heat Engineering

Safin R.G., Sotnikov V.G., Ziatdinova D.F Textile Industry Organic Waste Pyrogenetic Processing into Adsorbents

Khussanov A.Ye., Jamalova Z.I., Kaldybayeva B.M., Turdybekova D.A., Sabyrkhanov M.D. Hydrodynamics of a Device with a Regular Adsorbent Structure for Wastewater Treatment of Textile Enterprises

Golov R.S., Kostygova L.A., Smirnov V.G. The Use of Textile Waste: Analysis of the State and Development Prospects

Technical Aesthetics and Design

Vankovich S.M. Evolution of “Russian Style” in European Women’s Fashion of the First Third of the 20th Century

Yussupov A.N., Yussupova A.A., Imanaliev K.E., Anarbayev E.A., Tungatayeva A.M. Semantics of Ornamental Patterns of Eurasi

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Konovalova O.B., Minets V.V., Bokova E.S., Kostyleva V.V., Belitskaya O.A. Polymer Materials for 3D Printing and the Possibility of their Lise in Shoe Production: Range of Plastics of Innovative Functionality

Experience Exchange, Criticism and Bibliography. Short Items

Karaseva A.I., Kostyleva V.V., Belgorodsky V.S., Sineva O.V Research of Students’ Awareness about the Use of Creative Work Results as Intellectual Rights Objects