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Economics and Production Planning

Nikitina L.N., Osipova E.N., Flyagina T.A. Economic and Mathematical Modeling in Making Optimal Management Decisions. Indicator of Indicativy

Nefedova L.V., Shalmieva D.B., Prishlyak E.A. Approaches to Formation of Price Policy of Light Industry Enterprises in Context of Uncertainty

Sabyrkhanova S.S., Bitlisl B.I., Kairbekkyzy Y.G. Comparative Analysis of the Market of the Leading Countries of the World and Kazakhstan for the Production of Textile Materials Used in the Shoe Industry

Abdikerimova G.I., Kulanova D.A., Umbetaliyev N.A. Bigeldieva Z.A., Sadykbekova A.A. Leather Production: the Consequences of the Pandemic and Technological Trends

Abdikerimova G.I., Yesbolova A.Y., Kulanova D.A., Mergenbayeva A.T., Daurbayeva M.U. Problems and Prospects of Leather Industry Development in Kazakhstan

Aidarov Т.A., Umbitaliev A.D., Kuashbay S., Kozhamkulova I.E., Tursynkulova Z.M. The Textile Industry in the New Realities: Consequences of the Pandemic, World Experience and Further Development in Kazakhstan

Ivashchenko N.S., Zernova L.E., Mishakov V.Yu., Oleneva O.S., Ordynets A.A. Business Ecosystem as a Form of Doing Business: Types, Principles of Partnership and Prospects for Development in the Textile Industry

Nevmerzhitskaya O.N., Morozova T.F. Conceptual Framework for HR Risk Management in the Implementation of Strategic Planning Functions

Radko S.G., Prishlyak E.A., Puryskina V.A. Development of Labor Potential as a Basis for Personnel Making Solutions at Textile Industry Enterprises

Radko S.G., Nevmerzhitskaya O.N. Formation of an Optimal Model for Assessing the Staff Competitiveness, Adapted to the Enterprise Needs

Strachkova E.G., Feoktistova T.V. Fundamentals for Forming the Mechanism for Making Investment Decisions in Risk Conditions

Moryganov A.P., Dymnikova N.S., Kiselev M.G., Koksharov S.A., Danilov A.R., Treshalin Yu.M. Feasibility Study for Creation of Bast Fibers Deep Processing and Related Plant Raw Materials Components Center for the Production of a Wide Range of Highly Profitable Innovative Products

Filatov V.V., Mishakov V.Yu., Lomakina E.V., Gordeeva T.A., Buzulutskaya M.V., Mosyakin T.D. Analysis of the Change Management Project Under the Strategy for the Development of Light Industry in the Russian Federation for the Period Until 2025

Simonova V.A., Kvach N.M., Makarova N.S., Androsova I.V., Dzhavadov T.A., Shiltsova A.V. Methodology for Analyzing the Effectiveness of Assets and Optimizing their Structure at Textile Industry Enterprises

Aliyeva Zh.T., Kamalov A.A., Zhakipbekova D.S., Suleimenova I.A., Yessirkepova A.M. Impact of the Pandemic on the Development of the Textile Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Yessirkepova A.M., Baineyeva P.T., Kudaybergenova Z.U., Dosmuratova E., Berdiyarova B.S. Foreign Trade Relations of the Republic of Kazakhstan Textile Industry Enterprises


Orlov A.V., Pashin E.L. Improvement of the Algorithm for Determining the Disconnective Fiber Forces When Tested on a Copper Type Machine

Gruzdeva A.P., Zimina, Chagina L.L., Bogatyryova M.S. Construction of the Method of Studying the Deformation Properties of Awning Materials Under Biaxial Cyclic Tension

Petukhov A.N., Davydov A.F., Demokratova E.B., Chernysheva G.M. Heat Transfer Index Change Depending on the Intensity of a Heat Flow

Lapshin V.V., Smirnova N.A., Razumeev K.E., Zamyshlyaeva V.V., Boyko S.V. Evaluation of Forces Relaxation During Bending of Board Fabrics Taking into Account the Prediction of their Functional Properties

Kostyleva V.V., Sineva O.V., Nikitin A.A., Tatarchuk I.R., Karaseva A.I., Konareva Yu.S. Study of the Rigidity of Individual Structures of Children’s Shoes

Zinovev V.P., Rubtsov V.I., Shustov Yu.S., Timoshenko A.N., Olenina I.V. The Effect of the Scale Factor on Results of Cotton Yarns Strength Calculation

Sevostyanov P.A., Samoilova T.A., Monakhov V.I., Zenzinova J.B., Vakhromeeva E.N.The Unevenness of the Fibrous Sliver in Terms of the Proportion of Components and the Precision of Its Estimates

Sichevoy D.V., Razumeev K.E., Fedorova N.E., Golaydo S.A. Application of Similarity Theory and Dimensional Analysis to Predict Yarn Breaking Load

Preliminary Treatment. Spinning

Dyagilev A.S., Bykouski D.I., Reimer V., Janssen A., Gries T., Razumeev K.E. Comparative Analysis of Physical and Mechanical Properties of Long Scutched Flax Fiber and Banana Fiber

Alimova Kh., Gulamov A.E., Avazov K.R., Zakirova D. Influence of Primary Processing on the Properties of Cocoons Grown in the First and Second Season

Gulyaev R.A., Sultonov A.A., Yunusov R.F., Rafikov D.R., Ibodullaev O.O. Development and Implementation of an Automated System Ensures the Formation and Shipment to Textile Enterprises of Cotton Fiber Lots Homogeneous in Terms of Quality Parameters

Jumaniyazov K., Tojimirzaev S.T., Muminov M.R.Research and Evaluation of Cotton Fiber Properties in Technological Processes

Rosulov R. Studying the Law of Distribution of Speed, Density and Pressure During Stationary Motion of Raw Cotton in the Purification Area of Cotton Cleaner

Technology of Textile Products

Kyureghyan S.A., Asatryan A.J. Research of the Stable Fiber Material Motion Mode in the Forming Hopper

Chemistry and Technology of Finishing and Modification

Bogdanova O.F., Gorach O.A. Features of Producing Cellulose Linen Fiber in Monosulfitnym Way

Nizamova D.K., Rakhmatullina G.R., Tikhonova V.P., Akhverdiev R.F. Study of Plasma Treatment Effect on the Thermal Stability of the Dermis of Salmon Skins

Rakhmatullina G.R., Pankova E.A. Innovative, Environmentally Friendly Technologies for Obtaining High-Quality Leather

Sanzheeva E.B., Odintcova O.I., Kozlova O.V. Modern Achievements in the Field of Application of Water Dispersions of Acrylic Polymers in the Production of Textile

Khammatova V.V., Gainutdinov R.F. Methods of Nanomodification of Silver Nanoparticles with Colloidal Solution of Textile Materials for Special Clothing

Evteeva N.G., Dormidontova O.V., Okutin A.S., Belitskaya O.A. Application of Electrochemically Activated Solutions in Technological Processes of Leather and Fur Production

Sabyrkhanova S.Н., Behzat O.B., Yeldiyar G.K. Dyeing the Cotton with Extract of Onion Peels, Walnut Shell and (Tanacetum) Tansy

Sataev M., Koshkarbaeva Sh., Amanbaeva K., Abdurazova P., Raiymbekov Ye., Urazkeldieva D. Chemical Nickel Plating of Cotton Fabrics with the Use of Copper-Containing Reducing Agents


Kolesnik S.A., Goncharova M.A., Brink I.Yu. Study of the Influence of a Waist Belt on Thermal Protection of a Person in Down Clothes

Kozlov A.S., Kiselev S.Yu., Kulakov A.A., Makarova N.A., Goryachkin D.V. Improvement of Light Industry Parts Processing Method by Fringing Operations Automation

Mishchenko V.Ya., Semenov A.L., Loboda D.V. Solution of Problems of Workwear for Torcreting Using Electrostatics

Textile Machines and Aggregates

Khurramov Sh.R., Bakhadirov G.A., Abdukarimov A. Mathematical Modeling of Friction Stresses in a Two Roll Module

Murodov O.J. Improvement of the Design and Justification of the Parameters of the Raw Cotton Separator

Kanatov A.V., Fedorov E.V., Vinogradov N.A., Chugui N.V., Kulakov A.A. The Research and Calculation of the Stream Feeder Assembly Bottom of the Wavy Form for the Glass-Melting Machine

Khozina E.N., Zhuravleva O.S., Korolev P.A., Kulakov A.A., Alwaari L. Recommendations for Choosing the Type of Weaving Quipment for Production of Technical Fabrics

Murodov O.J., Rudovskiy P.N., Korabelnikov A.R. Substantiation of Parameters and Finite Element Modeling of Hie Movement of a Cotton-Air Mixture in a Cotton Separator

Deryugin N.V., Borodina E.S., Tyurin M.P., Sedlyarov O.I., Trubaev S.A. Experimental Studies of the Effect of the Action of Flow Pulsations on the Intensity of Heat Exchange in a Plate Heat Exchanger

Mukhammadiev D.M., Akhmedov Kh.A., Ergashev I.O., Zhamolova L.Yu., Mukhammadiev T.D. Study of Rib Bending at Installation of Insertion into Rib

Parfenov A.S., Tuvin A.A. Reducing the Wear of the Weaving Machine Cam Mechanism through the Use of Lubricants with Nanoscale Additives

Technical Aesthetics and Design

Eremenko A.V., Sysoev S.V. Art Experiments by Dries Van Noten Within the Framework of a Dialogue with Len Lye as a Method of Constructing a New Reality in the Era of Metamodernism

Uvarov V.D. Industrial Production of Tapestry to Increase the Competitiveness of Interior Design Products

Alibekova M.I., Belgorodsky V.S., Andreeva E.G., Getmantseva V.V. Upcykling and Recycling as a Way to Implement the Design Concept in the Artistic Design of the Costume

Tsvetkova N.N. The Use of Industrial Felt in Fiber Art Objects

Experience Exchange, Criticism and Bibliography. Short Items

Belgorodskiy V.S., Gutorova N.V., Silakov A.V., Murtazina A.R., Oleneva O.S., Androsova I.V. Scientific Conferences of Young Scientists as an Important Component of the Formation of the Relationship between a Modern University and Textile Industry Enterprises

Larionov V.G., Sheremetyeva E.N., Barinova E.P. Digital Trends in Higher Education

ТTorebaev B.P., Joldasbekova K.A., Djakipbekova M.J., Burkitbaev T.S., Ibraimova P.T., Suleymenovа J.O. The Masterpiece of Textile Art of the Peoples of Central Asia – Alacha

Demesinova A.A., Aidarova A.B., Apsenbetova G.T., Maulenkulova G.E., Mamutova K.K. Efficiency of Transportation of Textile Products By Railway

Batdulam B., Udval L., Tsatsral B. Study of Foot Morphological Change of Mongolian Children

Golov R.S., Kostygova L.A. Cluster Technologies in the Textile Industry of Russia