№7(336) 2011 год

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Economics and Production Planning

Yukhina E.A., Grishkin V.V., Yukhin A.S. Analysis of Order Substitution at a Textile Company

Ivashchenko N.S. Management of Company’s Competitiveness from the Standpoint of Achieving the Desired Goal

Zernova L.E. Mothodological Approach to Assesment of Credit History of a Company

Demel J. The Character and Motives of Foreign Trade of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic in its Development in Terms of Major Structural and Balance Reversals

Jáč I., Sedlář J. Waste Reduction and Cost Cutting Strategy for Textile Products through Lean Manufacturing Concept

Karpova V.B., Sojkova L., Zaytsev A.V. Formation of Conditions for Development of Enterprises in Textile and Light Industries on the Example of the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic

Lungová M., Sojková L. Impact of Spatial Disparities on Regional Competitiveness

Nedomlelová I. Comparison of Macroeconomic Development of the EU and Japan in Last Two Decades

Sedlar J., Stasenkov Yr.A., Zaytsev A.A., Zaytsev A.V. Structuring Factors Influencing Personnel Production Behavior During Development of the Competitive Strategy of an Enterprise

Syrovátková J. Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship in the Liberec Region Municipalities

Textile Materials

Shustov Y.S., Nechushkina E.A. Vapour Permeability Prediction of Textile Materials and Packs Made of Them

Militký Jiří. Complex Cotton Fiber Quality Characterization

Militký Jiří , Křemenáková Dana, Kůs Zdeněk. Fabric Drape Prediction

Militký Jiří, Kovačič Vladimír. Twist Level Influence on the Dynamic Mechanical Characteristics of Polyamide Filament

Křemenáková Dana, Militký Jiří. Simple Prediction of Rotor Yarn Strength


Sevostyanov P.A., Zabrodin D.A., Goryachaya I.S., Lebedeva V.I. Cross-Sections Models of Combined Fibers and Yarns

Kapitanov A.F., Papilin N.M. Structure and Properties of Yarn Fabricated by Hydrodynamic Spinning

Křemenáková Dana, Militký Jiří, Pivoňková Dagmar Structure and Mechanical Behaviour of Polypropylene Yarns


Nikolayev S.D., Panin I.N., Lapshenkova V.S., Fomin B.M. Development of a Process and Constructions of Winding Mechanisms for Forming the Porous Walls of Tubular Oversize and Undersize Textile Filters


Uspenskiy S.A., Vikhoreva G.A., Sonina A.N. The Phase State and Rheological Properties of Chitosan–Acetic Acid–Ethanol–Water System

Kuznetsov D.N., Ruchkina A.G., Kobrakov K.I., Dmitrieva M.B., Glotova M.O. Design, Synthesis and Investigation of Properties of Fungicidal Dyes

Safonov V.V., Tretyakova A.E. Combined Dyeing Technology for Formaldehydefree and Low-Shrinkable Finishing of Linen and Silk Fabrics

Perminov P.A., Efremenko E.N., Donetskaya A.I., Kildeeva N.R. Producing Fibrous Forms of Immobilized Organophosphatehydrolase Using Gel-Forming Compositions

Galbraikh L.S., Druzhinina T.V., Sletkina L.S., Redina L.V., Vikhoreva G.A., Yudanova T.N. Modification of Polymer Materials – Some Fundamental and Applied Aspects

Technology of Non-Wovens

Gorchakova V.M. Development of Two-Layer Nonwoven Canvases with Antimicrobial Properties

Sewing and Design

Karshakov E.V., Karshakova L.B., Firsov A.V. Determination of Dynamics Measure of Composition

Textile Machines and Aggregates

Palochkin S.V., Glazunov V.A., Kheylo S.V. Solution of the Problem Regarding Positions of Parallel Structure Spherical Manipulator

Chistoborodov G.I., Nikiforova E.N., Kapralov V.V., Chistoborodovа M.I. System-Technical Approach to the Projecting of the New Machinery and Technologies of Textile Production

Ershov S.V., Kalinin E.N. Conceptual Model of the Mechanical Effects of Textile Material in the Apparatus Roller with Dinamic Mode Loading

Automation of Technological Processes

Militký Jiří, Šafářová Veronika. Correlation between Electric Resistance and Electromagnetic Shielding of Hybrid Weaves

Ecology and Industrial Heat Engineering

Sazhin B.S. Problem of Increasing the Efficiency of Technological Processes

Information Technologies

Monakhov V.I., Militeyev A.V. Specific of Layered Architecture Implementation for Information Systems and its Use in Textile Industry Enterprises

Mechanics of Threads and Fabrics

Scherbakov V.P. Theory and Curve Plotting of Biaxial Stretching of Fabric

Experience Exchange, Criticism and Bibliography. Short Items

Syrovátková J., Verl J. Historical and Cultural Advantages of the Liberec Region as a Factor of Development of the Northern Part of the Czech Republic

Zukova H. Human Resources and Education as Competitive Premise

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