№ 3 (393) 2021 год

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Economics and Production Planning

Dmitriev Yu.А., Petrukhin A.B., Polyanskaya O.A., Vasilieva L.P. Legal Support of Energy Service for
Enterprises of the Textile Industry .
Savelev I.I., Nefedova K.A. The Textile Industry in the Context of a Pandemic: Experience of World
Countries and Prospects for Development in Russia
Zernova L.E., Ilina S.I., Ivaschenko N.S., Pershukova S.A., Oleneva O.S. Definition of Zones of Economic Safety of Investments and Search of the Upper Limits of Expenses for Technical Re-Equipment of NonWoven Productions Having the Mobile Range
Yunussov M.B., Yessirkepova A.M., Tulemetova A.S., Mitroshenko T.S., Sarieva Zh.A. Mechanisms of
Development of Light Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Context of the Pandemic
Myrkhalykov Zh.U., Yessirkepova A.M., Kamalov A.A., Khan I.Yu., Tymbayeva Zh.M. Problems and Prospects of the Textile Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan from the Position of the International Economy
Akhmetova G.Zh., Berdikulov M.A., Polezhaeva I.S., Agabekova G.N., Yessirkepova A.M. Global Clothing Market and Prospects for Development in Pandemic Conditions
Erlygina E.G., Ordov K.V. Risk Management in the Textile Industry
Shtebner S.V., Chubrina K.A. Main Directions of Increasing Labor Productivity in the Textile Industry .
Rodionova N.V., Savelyev I.I., Mineev V.I. Strategy for Restructuring and Developing the Range of
Competitive Linen Products .
Lovkova E.S., Eliseeva E.N. Innovative Activity of Small Enterprises of the Textile Industry and their
Growth Prospects


Bogdanov V.F., Shirshova E.E., Kolesnik S.A., Brink I.Yu. Development of a Method for Calculating the
Thickness of a Sleeping Bag Package Under Specified Operating Conditions .
Smirnova N.A., Zamyshlyaeva V.V., Lapshin V.V., Gruzintseva N.A. An Innovative Method for Assessing
Technological Effectiveness Linen Fabrics
Marinkina M.A., Zimina M.V., Chagina L.L., Bogatyryova M.S., Smirnova N.A., Protalinsky S.E. Development of a Method and Device for Determining the Pressure of Compression Knitwear on the Human Body
Deryabina A.I., Lisienkova L.N., Konnov S.V. Development of Method of Deformation of Bulk NonWoven Materials under Cyclic Compression Conditions
Kuznetsov O.Yu., Shutova T.A., Starshova A.V., Navarrskaya I.A., Golovlyev M.G. Method for Evaluating the Antimicrobial Effect of Fibrous Materials in Screening Studies .
Cherunova I.V., Sirota E.N., Tashpulatov S.Sh., Makhmudova G.I., Zufarova Z.U., Cherunov P.V., Sabirova Z.A. Research of the Influence of Porosity on Thermal Conductivity of Single-Layer Foamed Materials
of the “Neoprene” Type

Preliminary Treatment. Spinning

Yuldashev A.T., Matismailov S.L., Gafurov K.G., Plekhanov A.F., Pershukova S.A., Kuzyakova S.V. Research of Twisted Yarn when Producing Strings by Different Spinning Methods
Khudayberdieva D.B., Buriev Z.T., Darmonov М.М., Akhmedova M.Sh., Mamadjanova S.A. Comprehensive Assessment of the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Cotton-Silk Blends from New Varieties of
Cotton Fiber

Technology of Textile Products

Samoilova T.A., Sevostyanov P.A., Yukhin S.S. Finite-Dimensional Dynamic Model of the Formation of a
Fabric Element.

Chemistry and Technology of Finishing and Modification

Saydalieva N.Z., Khudayberdieva D.B., Mirzatullaeva M.K., Shin I.G. Integrated Researches of the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Cotton Fabric During its Final Finishing .


Alibekova M.I., Belgorodskij V.S., Andreeva E.G. Innovative Technologies in Sketch and Artistic Design
of Voluminous Costume Forms
Zhukova I.V., Kuzmichev V.E. Design of Solid Digital Twins of Typical Russian Bodies Improving
Assessment of Virtual Clothing Quality
Mokeeva N.C., Talgatbekova A.Zh., Abenova I.R. Designing the Construction of Women’s Clothing Using a Mathematical Model

Textile Machines and Aggregates

Grigoriev V.A., Kheylo S.V. The Mechanical Chains for Dynamic Estimation of Joint-Rod Heald Motion
Mechanisms of Weaving Machines

Automation and Information Technologies

Volkov V.V., Semenov A.D., Pakulova N.K. Application of Singular Spectral Analysis to Study the Unevenness of Textile Products
Orlov A.V., Pashin E.L. Improvement of Method of Identification of Linen Fibres Colour Group on Principle of Comparison with Reference Samples

Ecological and Industrial Safety. Heat Engineering

Khurramov M.G., Khurramova D.M., Khurramova S.M., Shoynazarov R.M. The Energy Saving Device
for Allocation Fibrous and Roughly of Impurities from Technological Drains of Coloured-Finishing
Grinchenko B.B., Kuznetsov A.V., Bakanov M.O., Tarakanov D.V. Multi-Factor Monitoring of Fire Dynamics in Textile Enterprises
Erofeev V.T., Al Dulaimi S.D.S., Dergunova A.V. Improving the Durability and Environmental Friendliness of Buildings and Structures in the Textile Industry by Using Materials Modified with a Microbiological
Fazullin R.Kh., Khalitov R.A., Khuziakhmetov R.Kh., Fazullina A.A., Safin R.G. Analyzing the Methods
of Disposing Spent Acids Obtained in Producing Cellulose Nitrates
Linkov N.V. To the Question of the Method for Determining the Strength Characteristics of Adhesive
Joints of Wooden Structures .
Tamrazyan A.G., Mineev M.S. Cracks in the Model of a Thick-Walled Concrete Cylinder During Corrosion Taking into Account the Porous Zone at the Section Boundary between Reinforcement and Concrete .

Technical Aesthetics and Design

Beschastnov N.P., Dembitskaya A.S., Rybaulina I.V. Agittextiles of Students: Experience of Production
Practices of the 1920-1930s
Belko T.V., Kurbatova M.A. Clothing Design Based on 3D-Printing Technology (FDM)

Mechanics of Threads and Fabrics

Pereborova N.V., Makarov A.G., Egorova M.A., Egorov I.M. Development of Methods for Computer
Forecasting Deformation and Operational Processes of Technical Textiles

Experience Exchange, Criticism and Bibliography. Short Items

Mishurov S.S., Romanova K.E., Zaitseva I.A. Analysis of Cultural and Historical Prerequisites for the
Consolidation of Textile Specialization in the Economic Model of the Ivanovo Region
Ismadiyarov Y., Nabiulina L., Matnazarova M., Mulahmetov R., Suleimenova U., Satimbekova A. Multicomponent Structural and Logical Model of Innovative Management in Higher Education and the Mechanisms for its Implementation
Blinicheva V.A., Vankovich S.M. Representation of the Cartier House through the Prism of Modern Art:
from Architecture to Costume Design
Plekhanov A.F. To the 150th Anniversary from Birth of Founder of the Theory of Textile Technology
N.A. Vasiliev