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Review articles

Erzunov K.A., Odintsova O.I., Tregubov A.V., Ilyicheva M.D. Self-Cleaning Nanoscale Coatings on Textile Materials

Economics and Production Planning

Mitina E.A. Responsible Consumption as a Factor of the Development of the Regional Market of Organic Products

Vankevich A.V., Kalinouskaya I.N. Development Approaches to the Analysis of the Labor Market under the Conditions of the Economy Digitalization (on the Case of the Textile Industry of the Republic of Belarus)


Borisova E.N., Koytova J.Yu., Timchenko V.A. Forecasting of Drapery of Sheepskin Semi-Finished Product

Osipova L.I., Anufrieva M.F., Vinokurova T.I., Kurdenkova A.V., Bulanov Yа.I. Single Cycle Characteristics Study Surgical Suture Materials

Ryklin D.B., Dubrouskaya V.A., Kvetkovsky D.I., Savanovich S.E.Effect of the Number of Fabric Layers on the Shielding Properties of Electromagnetic Textile Screens

Kashcheev O.V., Shustov Yu.S. Analysis of the Mechanical Characteristics of Cotton-Dashen Yarn of Different Percentage Content

Khammatova E.A. Investigation of the Effect of Alkali on the Mechanical Properties of Materials for Workwear Production

Miroshnichenko D.A., Kornilova N.L., Musov I.V., Slonov A.L., Khashirova S.Yu. Investigation of Elastic-Deformation Characteristics of Monothreads from Superstructural Polymers

Gainutdinov R.F., Khammatova V.V. Nanostructuring of Semi-Linen Canvas Fabric to Improve the Quality of Workwear

Plekhanova S.V., Vinogradova N.А. Investigation of the Wear Kinetics of Medical Elastic Compression Products

Preliminary Treatment. Spinning

Abdugaffarov A.A., Ochilov T.A., Valieva Z.F., Gafurova S.S., Korabelnikov A.R.Changes in the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Yarn of Different Fibrous Composition

Telitsyn A.A., Delektorskaya I.A. Single-Process Method of «Self –Twist» Structure Formation

Technology of Textile Products

Murakaeva T.V., Nikolaeva E.V. The Analysis of Factors Affecting the Yarn Feeders Operation Technology

Nuriyev M.N., Saidov R.A. Features Determination of the Structure Parameters of Textile Bobbins

Chemistry and Technology of Finishing and Modification

Akhverdiev R.F. New Generation Leather from Fish Skins

Bigeeva K.R. Nonequilibrium Low-Temperature Plasma Influence on the Porous Structure of Various Types Tanning Leather from Fish Skins

Lenko K.A., Yasinskaya N.N. Study of Cotton Fiber Impurities Content after Biochemical Preparation for Dying Using Poly-Enzyme Compositions

Aleeva S.V., Lepilova O.V., Koksharov S.A., Solodushenkova T.S., Kornilova N.L. Enzymative Softening Treatment of Linen Products: the Impact of Cellulases in the Swollen Fiber Structure

Sashina E.S., Beklyamishev M.O. Thermochromic Cellulose Films from Solutions in Ionic Liquid

Lisanevich M.S., Galimzyanova R.Yu., Ivanov V.V. Investigation of the Effect of Low-Temperature Plasma on the Properties of Non-Woven Material Holowfiber®


Wan S., Kuzmichev V.E. New Method of Defect Identification on Virtual Clothing Twins

Konysbekov S.M., Janpaizova V.M., Kenzhibayeva G.S., Togataev T., Abdikerimov S.Zh. Method of Research and Design of Adaptive Clothing for People with Non-Standard Constitution Based on a Computer Image of a Person

Shakhova I.Yu., Speransky S.N., Amarjargalan T. Management of Material Resources of a Textile Enterprise

Koval E.A., Konareva Yu.S., Kostyleva V.V., Sineva O.V., Karaseva A.I. Computer- Aided Design of the Model-Image Based on the Principles of the «Online Constructor» in the Production of Personalized Accessories

Textile Machines and Aggregates

Khankhadjaeva N.R., Khamidova D.U., Yermatov R.B., Abdurakhimova M.M. Possibilities of Double Knitting Machines for Producing of Shoe Uppers

Automation and Information Technologies

Pereborova N.V. Prediction of Thermoviscoelasticity Polymeric Textile Materials Based on the ThermoDeformation-Time Analogy

Orlov A.V., Pashin E.L. The Use of Simulation Model to Diagnose Hardware and Software Failures in K-1 Tensile Strength Measurement Device

Blinov O.V., Kalinin E.N., Kuznetsov V.B., Nikiforova E.N., Nefyodov S.A. Results of Molecular Modeling of Tribotechnical Properties of Nonionic Surfactants

Technical Aesthetics and Design

Kuznetsova A.N., Morozova E.V. The Life Cycle of a Slow Fashion

Kuzmichev V.E., Sakharova N.A., Grishchenko T.N. Parametric Generating of the Digital Twin of the Historical Costume

Torebaev B.P., Rakhimova Z.I., Kenjebaeva A.N., Ofitserova N.R., Abuova M.A., Doskaraeva J.E. Oriental Character of Fabric Design of the Tashkent Textile Mill (the 30s and 40s of the XX Century)

Sysoeva O.Yu., Zhabo A.A. Fashion Design of Western Europe at the Beginning of the XXI Century as Folk and Author’s Fairy Tails Reinterpretation

Fiber-based Composites

Pirogov D.A., Maslov L.B., Timofeev I.A., Polyanichko E.A. Simulation of the Structure Phases of a Volume Woven Structure and their Influence on the Elastic Properties of the Composite Material Based on