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Economics and Production Planning

Mishurov S.S., Romanova K.E., Zaytseva I.A. The Formation Concept of the Fashion Industry National Center on the Basis of the Traditional Textile Complex of the Ivanovo Region

Sitkevich D.A. Clusters as a Tool for Keeping the Competitiveness of the Textile Industry: Italy Practice

Sokolov L.A. The Human Risk Management on Industial Plants

Yarosh O.B., Zhavoronkova Z.A. Neuromarketing Aspects of the Promotion of Light Industry Goods in the Tourist Region


Orlov A.V., Pashin E.L. The Improvement of the Method of the Angular Acceleration Active Clamp Calculation for the Determination of the Force of Fiber Breaking on the Copra Type Machine

Shustov Yu.S., Pushkina Zh.S. Research of Both the Properties of Textile Materials and Packages of Clothing for Protecting the Thermal Exposure of the Electric Arc

Lysova M.A., Gruzintseva N.A., Gois T.O., Gusev B.N.Prediction of Regulatory Values Quality Indicators of Non-Woven Geotextile Fabrics

Kashcheev O.V., Shustov Yu.S. Forecasting of Cotton Fiber Breaking Load of Cotton Grades

Yasinskaya N.N., Skobova N.V. Moisture Transfer n Textile Materials from Functional Threads

Sevostyanov P.A., Minaeva N.V., Samoilova T.A., Gorodentseva L.M. The Influence of Some Components Factors on the Periodic Non-Uniformity in the Composition of the Mixed Fibrous Flow

Тreschalin Yu.M., Тreschalin M.Yu., Matrokhin A.Yu. Expression Determination of the Conditional Elasticity Modulus of Nonwoven Materials Depending on Their Porosity

Gainutdinov R.F., Khammatova V.V. Improving the Quality of Cloth Fabric for Workwear after Plasma Nanostructuring

Khammatova E.A. Increasing the Resistance to Seawater of Nanostructured Fabrics for Protective Workwear

Preliminary Treatment. Spinning

Gazieva S.A., Ibrogimov H.I., Ismatov I.A., Plekhanov A.F. Theoretical Study of Discharge Moment of Raw Cotton Particles from the Blades of a Drum Dryer Using the Matlab Mathematical Apparatus

Rudovsky P.N., Belova I.S., Kuznetsova N.S., Palochkin S.V. Investigation of the Properties of Linen Yarn Obtained by the Adhesive Method

Rodionov S.A., Khosrovyan А.G., Zhukova А.А., Khosrovyan I.G., Aleshin R.R., Khosrovyan G.A. Innovative Developments in the Theory and Technology of Production of Single and Twisted Yarn Containing Flax Fibers

Technology of Textile Products

Makhmudova G., Tashpulatov S.Sh., Ruzmetova G.A., Akbarov R.D., Holikov K.M. Analysis of Test Results of Knitted Plush on the Basis of Jacquard Binding

Demidova M.A., Ryklin D.B., Molotok V.A., Rzheusskij S.E. Analysis of Spinning Solutions Preparing Methods for Electrospinding of Hemostatic Films

Thanh Nguyen Hoang, Olekhnovich R.O., Uspenskaya M.V. Production of Poly-3-HydroxybutyrateBased Fibers by Electrospinning

Chemistry and Technology of Finishing and Modification

Solodushenkova T.S., Kornilova N.L., Koksharov S.A., Radchenko O.V. Influence of Linen Fiber Polymeric Components on the Rigidity of Woven Fabric

Raskachnova M.V., Ionkina M.N., Kozlova O.V., Odintsova O.I., Canzheeva E.B. Modification of Knitted Fabric for Dyeing with Fiber-Reactive Dyes


Wu Xinzhou, Kuzmichev V.E. Digital Twins for Wetsuit Design

Moskvin A.Yu., Moskvina M.A., Kuzmichev V.E. Block Pattern Generation of the Scanned Historical Garments

Mamedova Kh.F., Tashpulatov S.Sh., Mamedov F.A., İsmayılov V.A. Development of Clothing Manufacturing Technology for Lyceum Students

Grigoreva Z.R., Benites Ochoa, Budeeva O.N. Improvement of Special-Purpose Clothing Models for Flaw Detectors in the Oil and Gas Industry

Textile Machines and Aggregates

Rosulov R.Kh. Investigation of the Interaction of Volts with Cleaner Grates

Murodov O.J., Juraev A.J., Plekhanov A.F., Tashpulatov D.S. Influence of Parameters of a Plastic MultiFace Grate on Elastic Supports in A Cotton Cleaner on the Frequency of System Vibrations and the Effect of Cleaning Fiber Mass from Weed and Hardimpurities

Otynshiev M.B., Kuder K., Razumeev R.E. Modernization of the Scouring Machine to Produce Wool with Minimal Residual Fat

Xodjiev M.T., Djuraev A., Ashurov A.K. Dynamics of the Machine Aggregate with a Milling Mechanism of the Cotton Bundle Disassembler

Automation and Information Technologies

Egorova M.A., Vagner V.I., Klimova N.S., Litvinov A.M. A Variant of Mathematical Modeling of Polymeric Textile Materials Operating Processes

Technical Aesthetics and Design

Osipova S.Y., Belko T.V. The Ratio of Ethnic Symbols of Historical Cultures with Modern Costumes, Accessories and Jewelry

Tsvetkova N.N. Fiber Art Objects as Part of the Natural and Urban Environment

Fiber-based Composites

Beev A.A., Khashirova S.Yu., Slonov А.L., Musov I.V., Beeva D.A., Zhansitov A.A., Dolbin I.V. Polyesterimide Composites Filled with Sized Glass Fibers

Vu Thi Hong Nhung, Morozkina S.N., Uspenskaya M.V. The Development of Delivery System and the Investigation of the Technological Parameters of Electrospinning for the Integration of Mangiferin Into PvaChitosan Nanofibers

Zubova N.G., Gerasimova V.M., Ustinova T.P.Properties of Epoxy Composite Material Based on Modified Agm-9 and Oxidized Pan-Flagellum

Tyubaeva P.M., Zykova A.K. Study of a New Class of Composite Fibrous Materials Based on Biopolymers for Regenerative Medicine

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Subkhankulov R.M., Ignatov A.V. Innovative Adhesive Assembly Technology of Products with Variable Cross-Section

Experience Exchange, Criticism and Bibliography. Short Items

Shcheglova T.M., Nozdracheva T.M. To the 160th Anniversary of N.P. Lamanova (The Founder of the Russian School of Costume Art) Birthday