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Economics and Production Planning

Filatov V.V., Mishakov V.Yu., Skrylnikova O.A., Buzulutskaya M.V., Samsonova V.V., Marien L.S. Modern Problems of Managing Changes in the State Programm «Development of Competitiveness of Textile and Light Industry» of the Ministry of Industry And Trade of Russia

Mammadova H.F., Mammadov F.A., Tashpulatov S.S., Alieva Sh.Ya., Abdieva G.Z., Mamedova Q.R.. Strategy of Market Management in the Transition Periodе

Shakhova I.Y., Onopyuk E.Y., Speransky S.N., Lodoin U. Issues of the Textile Industry Digitalization:Regional Aspect

Erlygina E.G., Eliseeva E.N. Implementation of CRM-System At Textile Industry Enterprises

Zemskov V.V., Prasolov V.I., Petrenko M.T. Mechanism For Ensuring Financial Security of Textile Industry Enterprises

Utkin A.I., Speransky S.N., Ryabova O.N., Amarjargalan T. Cross-Functional Management of the Performance of a Textile Enterprise Business Processes Using the Balanced Scorecard

Kaydashova A.K., Sizganova E.Yu., Ashin A.A. Formation of the Conceptual Foundations for the Development of a Tourist Brand in the Field of Light Industry

Oborin M.S. Prospects for Market Integration of Russian Textile Industry Enterprises

Mammadova N.O., Musayeva V.H., Neymatova U.V. Analysis of Environmental Innovative Technologies Priority and the Multidimensionality of Monitoring for Environment and Security of Consumer Goods


Gusev B.N., Matrokhin A.Yu., Gruzintsevа N.A., Lysova M.A. Quality Assurance of Technical Textile for the Manufacture of Building Products at Different Stages of the Life Cycle

Sukkari A.R., Kurdenkova A.V., Shustov Yu.S., Bulanov Ya.I. Evaluation of Fabrics for Special Purpose Physical Properties for Protection Against General Industrial Contamination after Multiple Washing

Parpiev H., Gafurov A.B., Lastochkin P.D., Parpieva N.X.Superhydrophobic Cotton Fabric for Filtration of Oil-Water Mixtures

Gainutdinov R.F., Khammatova V.V. Improving the Quality of Workwear Made of Nanostructured Clothing Leather Materials

Khammatova E.A. Investigation of the Tearing Load of Nanostructured Materials for Manufacturing Workwear

Marushchak Yu.I., Yasinskaya N.N., Petyul I.A. Development of Quality Indicators Nomenclature and Evaluation of Eco-Leather Properties

Plekhanova S.V., Vinogradova N.А.Investigation of Reliability Characteristics of Cotton Yarn from Secondary Raw Materials

Razin S.N., Pashin E.L., Orlov A.V., Ovcharenko A.S. Justification of Rational Conditions for Sample Clamping Bast Fibers During Standardized Tensile Strength Testing

Spiridonova V.G., Tsirkina O.G. Study of Fire-Hazardous Properties of Fabrics Made of Cellulose Fibers by Thermal Analysis Methods

Preliminary Treatment. Spinning

Nuriyev M.N. Analysis of the Preparation of Raw Cotton in the Feeder Litter Cleaner

Olenina I.V., Shustov Yu.S., Zinovyev V.P., Rubtsov V.I., Timoshenko A.N., Isaev O.V., Seitova A.G. Calculation of Bulk Density and Cotton Yarn Diameter Depending on Twist Coefficient

Technology of Textile Products

Bykouski D.I., Charkovskij A.V. Research of Single Hybrid Plush Jersey Fabrics

Chemistry and Technology of Finishing and Modification

Amonov M.R., Ibragimova F.B., Amonova M.M., Niyozov A.K., Ganiev B.Sh. Thickening the Polymer Composition for Printing on Cotton Fabric

Babakhanova H.A., Abdunazarov M.M., Shin I.G., Galimova Z.K. Management of Self-Feeder Mode When Printing on Paper with Low Density

Kalinin E.N., Ershov S.V., Koksharov S.A., Lepilova O.V. Biomodification of Flax Fiber Filler for Impregnation with Liquid Binder


Rudneva T.V., Privalov A.A., Bazaev E.M., Zaretskaya G.P., Tambovtseva E.P. Obtaining a Mathematical Model of a Hemispherical Reinforcing Shell Flat Development

Textile Machines and Aggregates

Allamuratova T.K. Development of an Effecient Design of the Straightener for Stretching the Knitted Fabric on Purl Circular Machines

Mukhammadiev D.M., Ergashev I.O. Calculation of Radial and Tangential Velocities of the Raw Cotton Roller in the Working Chamber of a Saw Gin

Automation and Information Technologies

Labudin B.V., Popov E.V., Getman D.V., Stolypin D.A., Rumyantseva V.E. Calculation Method of Ribbed Panels Stability Considering the Temperature and Humidity Conditions of Textile Production Technologies

Makarenko A.E., Peda A.S. Development of the Application Architecture for the Design of Weaving Patterns for Weaving on Boards

Ecological and Industrial Safety. Heat Engineering

Rumyantseva V.E., Krasilnikov I.V., Krasilnikova I.A., Novikovа U.A., Strokin K.B. Changing the Bearing Capacity of Building Structures of Textile and Light Industry Enterprises

Technical Aesthetics and Design

Gadzhibekova I.A. Comparative Characteristics of Costume Complexes of the Lezgin Group of Peoples

Fiber-based Composites

Panin M.I., Gareev A.R., Korchinsky N.A., Radaykin D.A., Slyusarev A.A. Development of Technology for Reinforcement of Carbon – Carbon Composite Materials by the Method of Unwinding Windings of Given Structure Winding Packages

Grechukhin A.P., Rudovsky P.N., Habibulloev А., Kulikov A.V., Starinets I.V. Development of New Spatially Reinforced Materials Based on 3D Orthogonal Fabric Technology